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Getting a Second Phone Number is Easy with Dollar Digits

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Dollar Digits takes the complications out of getting a second phone number.  Just download the free phone number app from the App Store or Google Play, choose your new number, and choose a plan.  There are no contracts or red tape with Dollar Digits.  Minutes can be purchased for a monthly rate or you can pay as you go.  The choice is yours.  With a free 3-day trial, you’ll be able to be confident in your purchase.  Get a Dollar Digits phone number free trial today.  With Dollar Digits, you’re in control.

Your Second Phone Number Shouldn’t be Held Hostage by a Big Mobile Corporation

With most cell phone carriers, you’re locked into a contract.  Cancellation fees can be astronomical.  With Dollar Digits changing your number or canceling your plan is as easy clicking a button.  Dollar Digits second phone number app understands that modern consumers need flexibility.  Their no contract numbers let you keep a number for as long as you need it and change your number whenever you want.

A Dollar Digits Second Phone Number Can Simplify Your Life

A burner phone for situations where you don’t want to give out your primary number is an appealing idea, but the last thing you want to do is carry around an extra phone.  There are never enough pockets or spaces in purses as it is.  Burner phones are often unattractive and may be cheaply made.  You probably already have a primary phone that you love; you just don’t love the idea of giving out its phone number.  With Dollar Digits, you have the freedom and flexibility of a second phone number without any of the inconvenience.  Use your own mobile phone with our burner phone app without using your primary number with a burner number from Dollar Digits.  Having a second phone number from Dollar Digits provides all the perks of a second phone without the hassles of dealing with multiple devices.

Dollar Digits Second Phone Number App for Android
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Dollar Digits Give You All the Services You Expect Your Number to Have

A Dollar Digits phone number isn’t only a “fake phone number”; it’s better than a regular phone number.  Dollar Digits know that phone numbers need voice mail.  They also understand that a mobile number that can’t send or receive texts is of little use these days.  All Dollar Digits phone plans come with personalized voicemail, call forwarding, and SMS and MMS support.  Your Dollar Digits phone number will have all the features you expect from a phone number and none of the commitment.

Freedom from Contracts and Harassment is Free with a Dollar Digits Trial

Second Phone Number APP For Your Smart phone
Get your second phone number today!

With a Dollar Digits anonymous phone number, you can feel confident giving out your phone number.  Any harassment or unpleasant calls can be dealt with by quickly and easily changing your number.  Dollar Digits knows that life is too short to regret giving out your phone number.  With dollar Digits, you can just “throw away” phone numbers if you don’t want them anymore.

Use a Private Phone Number for Dating

Temporary phone numbers can be a great way to protect yourself while you search for your permanent partner.  If Mr. Right ends up being Mr. Wrong, you’re protected with a temp phone number from Dollar Digits.  Harassment and threats can be a real problem as an online relationship moves offline.  With Dollar Digits, you know you can protect your privacy while furthering your relationship.  Dollar Digits takes the risk out of sharing phone number by giving you a disposable number that you can drop at any time.   Relationships are complicated enough without having to worry about risking your privacy and anonymity.  If you get your very own “dating phone number” with Dollar Digits then you won’t have to worry about your romantic life interfering with the rest of your life.

Dollar Digits Let You Pay by the Week, the Month, or As You Go

Prepaid phone numbers are easy and convenient.  These plans are the perfect choice for some people.  For others, the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go phone number plan is the best option.  Dollar Digits knows that the world is full of different people with different needs.  Pick the online phone number option that’s right for you and fits your life.

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Choice is the ‘Name of the Game’ at Dollar Digits

Not only does Dollar Digits let you pick your plan, but they let you choose your phone number as well.  Whether you swipe left or right on the next profile that comes up, a temporary telephone number is just a few swipes away with Dollar Digits.

Dollar Digits Doesn’t Just Disguise Your Phone Number

With Dollar Digits, you aren’t just disguising a phone number, you are using a completely different number.  Calls made with Dollar Digits won’t be listed on your phone bill or in your recent calls.  Dollar Digits knows that finding privacy is hard enough these days, you don’t need a phone company making it more difficult.

A Secondary Phone Number Can be Indispensable for Businesses

Using a disposable phone number from Dollar Digits allows you to use the same device for personal and business matters without worrying about them interfering with each other.  Your personal voicemail message can be heard when people call one number and your business message will be heard on the other number.  And you only have to worry about one device.  A secondary phone number keeps your small business sounding professional.  Just because a Dollar Digits phone number can be a throwaway number doesn’t mean it has to be.  Keep your number for as long as you need it.  Business will be booming with some help from Dollar Digits. Read more…

Another Phone Number App Might Make Big Promises, But Dollar Digits Can Deliver

Dollar Digits is one of the fastest growing temporary phone number apps on the market.  An app that gives you a secondary phone number is exactly what people have been looking for and Dollar Digits can deliver.  A relationship can last for a few minutes or a lifetime and with Dollar Digits, so can your phone number.