Phone For kids Without The Phone [Download to Tablet]

Dollar Digits is also available for tablets. The new Dollar Digit application, Phablet, allows you to use your tablet like a second phone; perfect Phone For kids . Use Phablet to downsize the number of devices you own – saving you money on service fees and expensive excessive purchases.

Phablet operates in the same way as the traditional Dollar Digits phone app. Simply download, select your number, get a free number with subscription, and then choose to extend your service.

Family Friendly Phone App

The Phablet application is great for families. Parents without land line phones can feel safer leaving their kids home alone for the first time. Simply download the app onto a tablet device, choose a phone number, select your plan, and teach your young teenager how to use it. They can call you with a click of a button – there is no need to buy another cell phone to add to your already expensive plan.

Dollar Digits Phablet is also offers benefits for the aging population. If Grandma and Grandpa aren’t able to read the numbers on a traditional smartphone, downloading Dollar Digits Phablet gives them the larger screen visibility of a tablet while allowing them to make calls. The elderly can also use other applications offered on a traditional tablet. The tablet phone number app is easy for both children and grandparents to use.

Phone for kids without a contract
Phone for kids without a contract = SMART

Emergency Phone for Kids

The Phablet app can be used in the same way as an emergency cell phone would be used. Parents can add poison control, their work phone, or their cell phone to the contact list. When the unexpected happens, your child can stay safe with an emergency calling device in their hands. School aged children can use the device to call from school if they miss the bus or have to stay late for soccer practice. The Phablet app acts as an cheaper alternative to an emergency cell phone in case of big or small crisis.

Get Voicemail, Texting, and Calling from your Tablet

The application sends and receives photo messages, video messages, and traditional texts. Once downloaded onto your tablet you can set up voicemail, call forwarding, and more!

Better Than Buying Your Kids a Phone

Phablet gives parents a cost efficient way to give their kids calling capabilities without the hassle of a phone plan. While also simplifying your life, Phablet can lower your monthly bills. While most phones cost $30 a month, you can install Phablet on your Tablet for a year at that same price.

Delete it when you are Done

Also, like the traditional Dollar Digits phone app, you can delete Phablet with one click. If your new tablet phone number becomes victim to spam calls or telemarketers, click “delete” and choose a new phone number. Use it as a temporary phone number, or as a burner phone number for your personal use.

Free online phone number
Create your fake phone number online > we text you the download link > install and start calling and picture texting, simple! Free number with $1.99 subscription! *Standard text rates apply


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