Second Business Phone Number App [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Dollar digits business phone number app is more than just a second phone number app for business, it is a tool for business owners everywhere. The ability to make calls, texts, and receive messages on not 1 number, but 2 or more will simplify and support a variety of business ventures; furthermore, separating your work calls from your personal calls, on 1 phone!  Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Lawyers, Real estate agents and more manage clients, customers and more on one phone with two phone numbers.

1 Number for Business, 1 Number for Personal = Smart Business Phone Number App


Owning a business does not mean being on call 24/7. While clients, vendors, and more may call you during all hours of the day, you don’t have to always be at their beck and call. You can use you 2 numbers for 2 purposes. Put the business phone number on silent when you are done for the day and keep your original number for personal calls. 1 personal number, 1 business number, and 1 phone to do it all.

End Spam Calls

Time is money, and when your time is filled with spam or marketing calls you are losing money. Rather than have one business phone number and go through the hassle of getting a new business number or blocking loads of calls through your carrier, why not have 1 phone with 2 numbers? Give out your second business phone number to new vendors, clients, or for advertising purposes. If your new contacts begin to abuse your number, or your number has found its way onto a spam call list – delete your second phone number with a click.

1 Phone with all the Capabilities of 2

The Dollar Digits business phone app gives you the capabilities of 2 phones for the price of 1. A second business phone number is able to send text, pictures messages, and receive messages outside of your original phone number. Perks include:

  • FREE number with subscription
  • Plans that fit your needs
  • Use for Online, Social Media, and Business Accounts
  • Delete your second number, or keep it as long as you would like

Your second or temporary business phone number is able to make calls and texts from the office, on business trips, or on the go. Rather than fund an expensive phone plan, simplify and cut costs with Dollar Digits. Have questions? Visit the FAQ page to learn more about the versatility and features of the Dollar Digits app. Also check out the different plans we offer including pay as you go, annual options, and more.

The Bottom Line

Keep business costs at a minimum while also improving your business’ efficiency. Strike a work life balance all in a matter of minutes. Manage clients, vendors, and online advertising with a second phone number available on your phone. Choose the 3 day free trial before choosing a pay as you go, or minute based plan. Choose Dollar Digits business phone number for your business needs. 1 Phone with 2 Numbers equals new possibilities.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 ! Work to life balance, cutting costs, and improving work efficiency are 3 reasons to try 2 numbers on 1 phone with the Dollar Digits second business phone number app.

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Second Business Phone Number for business, or private

Have you ever wanted a second phone line?  Maybe you wanted it to expand your business.  Maybe you wanted it to help keep your personal life and your work life separate.  Maybe you met someone and didn’t feel comfortable giving them your primary phone number. Regardless of the reason, you may have hesitated when you saw how much a traditional second phone line with its own number can cost.  Maybe you worried about being locked into a complicated contract with one of the phone companies.  With Dollar Digits you don’t have to hesitate any longer.  Dollar Digits makes it easy to get a second phone number on your smart phone.

The Dollar Digits app is the fast and affordable way to get a second phone line for your smartphone phone.  With Dollar Digits there’s no expensive activation fee or complicated contract.  You don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of swapping SIM cards.  You just download the Dollar Digits Second phone Number App and buy a number.  It’s as simple as purchasing the newest mobile game and much more useful.

Dollar Digits isn’t just easy, it’s cheap as well.  A second phone number shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, and with Dollar Digits it won’t.  With Dollar Digits you can download the app free from Google Play or the Apple App Store.  We’re so sure you’ll love the anonymity and convenience of Dollar Digits that we’ll let you trial a private number free for three days.

Better than a burner phone, Dollar Digits App has some special features…image of phone with dollar digits app

With the multiple plans to choose from, Dollar Digits has a package that’s right for you.  Whether you just need a few minutes a month or you want unlimited talk and text, there’s a second line plan that’s perfect for your needs.  Dollar Digits gives you both inbound and outbound calling with all the anonymity you could ever need.

Dollar Digits isn’t just for phone calls either.  You can use your anonymous number to text and send picture and video messages as well.  You can also create a personalized voicemail message just like with your primary number.  All Dollar Digits plans include call forwarding as well.  Dollar Digits gives you all the perks of a second phone line, without all the hassle and expenses of traditional phone companies.

Selling online?  Dollar Digits is perfect when you need to protect your real identity…learn more

Private Messaging and Dollar Digits to Dollar Digits calls are always free so encourage all your friends to add a second line with Dollar Digits as well.  Dollar Digits marries privacy, affordability, and convenience in one simple package.  Talk and text anonymously from anywhere in the US, UK, or Canada.

With Dollar Digits changing phone numbers is easy.  If you regret giving out your Dollar Digits number to someone, then you can just get a new number. Perfect for online dating, if you give your number to the wrong person, ditch the number and start over..

A second dedicated phone number can help simply your personal or business life and a burner number from Dollar Digits will help ensure that you can keep your primary number safe and private.  Try a free trial of Dollar Digits and see how the privacy and convenience of a second phone line can change your life.


Get A Second Phone Number For Business You Can Afford!

Getting a small business off the ground can be a stressful and time consuming process. It can be extremely risky financially and emotionally. Some statistics state that 3 out of every 4 firms fail. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that only around half of all new businesses survive at least 5 years. With those numbers, the last thing a small business owner wants is to worry about their telecommunication options. This is where Dollar Digits comes in. Dollar Digits is the perfect way to get a low cost phone number for your new business.

Second Phone Number for Business App
Get Your Second Business Phone Number Today!


Multiple Numbers on One Device

Many business owners think that they have to buy a second phone to have a phone number for their business. That isn’t the case. With Dollar Digits you can have multiple phone numbers on just one phone. You can always use your favorite mobile device, but you have access to all the phone numbers you need. Just go to Google Play or the App Store and download the free Dollar Digits app. It works on both iPhone and Android. Once you have downloaded the app, just pick your phone number and start your free trial. If you are happy with your phone number and the Dollar

Digits service then once the free trial expires just choose the plan that is right for your business. If you aren’t sure which plan to use then you can also pick the pay as you go plan.
Even though the phone numbers are sometimes referred to as disposable, you can keep your number for as you want it. Print business cards with your Dollar Digits number on it, put the number on your business website or social media site. Use the personalized voicemail that all Dollar Digits numbers come with to record the perfect message for people interested in contacting your business.

With Dollar Digits you’ll never have to fumble around to figure out which phone is ringing because both your personal number and your business number are on the same device. Whether your business is conducted primarily by talk or by text Dollar Digits has your covered. You can send picture messages of your products to potential customers with Dollar Digits. Dollar Digits protects your privacy and with their self destruct messaging you’ll never have to worry about any sensitive messages you may share with clients.

Perfect for All Industries

Dollar Digits is the perfect service for your new business. Regardless of what industry you’re entering into, Dollar Digits is there for all your telecommunication needs. Don’t worry about multiple devices or complicated contracts. Dollar Digits never uses contracts, instead you can pick the plan you need and you can change plans if the needs of your business changes. At Dollar Digits we know starting a small business is a stressful process and your phone plan shouldn’t make things more difficult. Dollar Digits lets you keep things simple. It has all of the services a small business needs and none of the complicated contracts that it doesn’t. Get your business phone number today with Dollar Digits.

Free online phone number
Create your fake phone number online > we text you the download link > install and start calling and picture texting, simple! Free number with $1.99 subscription! *Standard text rates apply


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