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    Dollar Digits allows you to add unlimited anonymous numbers [unlimited personas] to your smartphone at anytime, call, text, picture texting and encrypted self destruct messaging between Dollar Digits users.

    Protect Your Privacy and stay safe with Dollar Digits!
    No Contracts. Discreet Settings. Private Calling.
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Free Phone Number Calling, Picture Text and Messaging APP 

Free number with subscription starting at $1.99

No swapping SIMS

It is like having two phones in one
Calling app for iOS and Android.


40+ Countries

Get phone numbers when you need them,
starting at $1.99 w/number.


Voice Calling App

Inbound and outbound calling
at great rates, from 15¢/m.

Dollar Digit Second Phone Number App

Pay as you go

No contracts, no minimum terms,
no penalties, no worries.


Text SMS & MMS

Anonymous texting, picture and video messages anywhere in the US, Canada, or the UK.


Customizable voicemail

Full-featured private voicemail
with personalized greeting.

See for yourself.

Our calling & texting app is designed for anyone with a smartphone wanting to add unlimited phone numbers without a contract.
Download app. Pick a plan. Start calling.
It is really that simple!

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Private Calling App

Calling app

These days everything you say, type, and even text is easy to save and track. A text you sent a year ago can be saved to a phone for reference later. Phones allow information to be shared, forwarded, and more without sender permissions. While communication is easier than ever before, that capability can come with a price: loss of privacy.  Privacy is harder to come by than ever before. That is, until the Dollar Digits Calling App.

Take Back Control of Your Information

Dollar Digits is bringing back privacy into the hands of phone owners everywhere! Keep your personal phone number from prying eyes after selecting a fake phone number provided by the Dollar Digits texting application. Use the fake phone number to keep your personal number away from telemarketers, strangers, and people you just don’t have a good feeling about.

The calling and texting app keeps you in control of your own information, lessens the likelihood of identity theft, and brings back the ability to hold private conversations. 

Live Polling App

Dollar Digit’s interface allows for app to app messaging. Two people who download the Live Polling App can quickly and easily organize online voting and send messages. Simply select the new number and begin direct messaging to your designated contact.

Self-Destruct Messages (private)

Worried that someone might read your message off your phone when you aren’t looking? Afraid that your best friend’s significant other will read the message you sent them in confidence? You don’t have to worry any longer with Dollar Digit’s self-destruct messaging. After the message is read on the other end, it will automatically be wiped off your and the receiver’s phone without a trace.

Keep Your Messages from Prying Eyes

These self-destruct messages are secure and safe. Prying eyes don’t stand a chance with the self-destruct messaging system. For those who send intimate texts to partners, or medical information to family and friends, you no longer have to worry about those texts falling into the wrong hands. Along with the self-destruct capability, text messages include screen-shot safe protection.  Dollar Digits cares about your privacy and keeping you and your information safe.

For Clients, Dating, and More

Doctors, Therapists, and other professionals can benefit from the privacy settings available on Dollar Digits calling and texting app. Sensitive information from a client can be removed easily. Messages from a new relationship can be kept safe from family and friends until you feel ready to share. Keep information safe with Dollar Digits.

Dollar Digits, Private Calling and Texting App

Download the dollar digits app from the Google play store, select your number, and choose your message settings. Share your number with only those whom you trust, keep your private number personal and safe.  Send private texts, and if the situation occurs where your Dollar Digits number falls.

All of my friends and I use the Dollar Digits app.  We use the app when we want our numbers to be anonymous or don’t want a phone call listed on a phone bill.  But we also use our Dollar Digits numbers to talk to each other.  With Dollar Digits’ free Dollar Digits to Dollar Digits calls we don’t have to worry about wasting minutes on our primary lines when we talk with Dollar Digits.  With no contracts, Dollar Digits is easier and cheaper than regular mobile carriers.  I’ve started recommending all my friends and family download the free Dollar Digits app.  That way we can all talk for free without worrying about minutes.  Dollar Digits is the easiest and cheapest way to connect with friends, both new and old.  Dollar Digits has all the same features I expect from my phone.  I have voicemail, talk, and text standard with Dollar Digits.

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